John Rasimus

1.  How and when you first met Harry Roseman:


I was invited to Keene State College of Art 2011 to do a work-shop and lecturing.

My NYC friends were into parenthood, all of them had infants back home so I decided to stay at Leo House close to Chelsea and the Art Galleries.

After strolling NYC streets and Chelsea area with my Art colleagues, we stopped in front of one gallery that was close to Leo House to say good night. least one interesting show seem to be going on, and its not even open, I told my friends.

I had some snapshots taken with my iPhone and said good night to my friends and went off with pretty tired feet to my room at Leo House.

In the elevator a man with a small bag around his neck hailed the doors and stepped into the elevator, said something friendly and smiled.

I do not recall exactly what we, or I said at this moment, but I remember it to be something like this when Harry heard my foreign accent,

Harry: So whats brings you to NYC?

Me: Well..uhm, I’m here to do a work-shop and lecture at one Art College, going to Keene….I’m an Artist.

Harry: I’m a artist too.

The elevator was getting to its destination on 5th floor and I think Harry said it would be fun to see some work of mine (maybe curious of what Swedish art might be looking like).

I remembered I had my catalogue in my shoulder-bag I was caring and gave it to Harry.

In the morning I found an envelope slide under my door with an invitation to Harry Roseman’s solo show

at Nancy Margolis Gallery, surprisingly the very same gallery I had stopped to have some snapshots taken.

Sometimes it feels like fate is arranging  our life. I felt really familiar with Harrys art from first glance, and fate arrange for us to to meet later and we been in contact ever since.


2. A statement about your work and/or a brief autobiographical

statement. – This can be quite brief (but doesn’t have to be).


“I draw constantly”.


I was born 1969. Grow up in Falun (Sweden). I never wanted to live in Falun when I was young (as the Lou Reed lyrics go ”the only good thing about a small town is you know you want to get out”)

But after moving around (mainly to get my education in art, different cities,NYC, Gothenburg, Umea and different universities etc) and after my MFA in printmaking, I decided to move back to my old hometown Falun where I got married have 3 kids and working full time as an artist, and there is where I am today.