Frances Morris

1. I met Harry Roseman at my first art critique for Vassar studio majors. Harry and I were opposites that evening on the scale of prominency–I, a new major hiding in my overalls behind the other students, and Harry, standing alone before the group swigging a two liter bottle of orange soda. I remember Harry was confident enough to declare his shirt aesthetically improved when he spilled orange down its front. Although I never had Harry as a professor in class at Vassar, I learned from his advice at our majors’ critiques and he supporting me during my senior project as I transitioned towards making soft sculptures.


2. After completing my studio art degree at Vassar College, I pursued a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy at Florida State University (FSU). Harry once said that this move seemed natural since my work was always “pretty emotional.” While at FSU, I developed a cognitive behavioral art therapy protocol for treating anxiety disorders, but I also had an interest in the therapeutic benefit of helping art therapy participants develop an artistic identity and renown in their communities. I facilitated a self-governing artists’ group and exhibition at a state psychiatric hospital as well as spearheading a variety of community art projects as president of the FSU Art Therapy Association.

I am now coordinating arts programs at the Interactive Resource Center (IRC) in Greensboro, NC ( for people experiencing homelessness. I have helped facilitate and make connections between pre-existing IRC programs, including creative writing workshops, the edible gardening program, and the Artifacts artists’ cooperative (, as well as begin an open studio art therapy program, “Art Corner,” providing a safe and supportive creative space for new artists as well as experienced. My hope is to conduct arts-based ethnographic research in Tanzania in 2014-2015, facilitating community art projects in the villages of the Kondoa region to explore the value of art as ethnographic data in this context.


- January 5, 2014