Anita Mazzucca

1.  How did I first meet Harry

I don’t remember the exact time and place that I met Harry but it had to be soon after Cathy met Harry.  Cathy and I lived on the same floor our freshman year at Pratt and we became friends.  In our sophomore year, Cathy and I were roommates so I suppose I’ve known Harry for about 50 years.


2.  About my work.

If you live in the suburban countryside on New Jersey you have to do a lot of driving in order to do anything.  It is during those routine trips that I travel through the landscape that I paint.  An awareness of the light, color, form, space, energy, etc. would be common to any artist as they move through the environment.  But it calls me, and I can’t help being drawn to paint the sensuous light as it sneaks around a tree or dusts the top of a cluster of weeds.   And then, while I’m am working, the painting becomes about something else.

In 2003, 2009, and 2013 I had one person shows at the Fischbach Gallery, NYC

In 1979 and 1982 I had one person shows at the Adler/Castillo Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela

Before, after and between I have been:

An art teacher in Newark, NJ

A shop owner

A textile designer

A property manager

A project manager (hard hat) on a number of construction sites

A project development manager

A faux finisher


- December 8, 2013