Susanne Caporael

1. In the last days of the last century my husband and I left our home in rural California and moved to a small town in the Hudson Valley.  The small town was a social beehive, and we were immediately swept up.  With our rusty social skills, we could not keep track of who was who.

It was during this period of social upheaval that an acquaintance of an acquaintance who had himself been an acquaintance of the former owner of our house ( the house came with “friends”), invited us to dinner.  There we were introduced to blue lentils, and more importantly, Harry Roseman and Catherine Murphy.  Catherine lit up the night, as we’ve come to know is her way, and Harry, ever the sly charmer maneuvered himself around my reluctance and managed to catch a partial photo of the side of my head.

In the years since, we have reverted to our reclusive ways, but the friendship with Harry and Catherine endures.


2. I am a painter, my husband Bruce Murkoff is a writer.


- November 11, 2013


"639 (Picture on a page)," oil on linen, 2012