Lynn Palumbo

1. I believe I first met Harry Roseman at a reception at the Frances Lehman Loeb Museum at Vassar where my husband Bruce Bundock works as preparator.


2. My background is in painting / drawing / printmaking. I also pursued specialized study in calligraphy where I learned to value method. I do commissioned calligraphy projects for Vassar and other institutions and currently teach art foundations at Dutchess Community College. I also served as gallery director there.

In my artwork I use the observed details and patterns of everyday life; natural forms, vernacular architecture, domestic artifacts, high or low culture; anything can be a source for attentiveness. The patterns are then isolated, fragmented and put through a series of variations. At present I am engaged with a series of works on paper based on patterns from an heirloom quilt stitched in a technique called trapunto.


- October 31 2013