Marc Handelman

1. I first met Harry in the winter of 2008. Harry had organized an intimate painting panel called “Feeding the Beast” at Vassar, which consisted of the artists Craig Taylor, EllenAltfest, Erica Svec and myself. We were ruminating on the various kinds of ingredients that sustain ones practice –community, research, teaching..etc. I remember being famished after the panel, overly caffeinated, but without having eaten much that day, and Harry and some of the other faculty all took us out to a local Chinese restaurant. Food kept arriving at the table, and I thoroughly re-fueled. But somehow, I had failed to notice (a seemingly frequent occurrence) that we were still only eating appetizers! The main courses arrived but alas, I had to catch my train back to the city. I didn’t even get to talk that much with Harry, and left the restaurant with all kinds of fleeting emotions and thoughts, both stuffed and still hungry.


2. I grew up in Berkeley, California, but have spent the greater part of my life on the east coast having moved here to attend RISD in the early 90′s. I moved to New York the week of September 11th, 2001 for a remarkable first week of graduate school, and have lived here ever since. I spend my time split between my beautiful daughter and partner, my studio in Gowanus, and New Brunswick NJ, where I am an assistant professor in Visual Arts at Rutgers.


October 22, 2013