Scott Burnham

1. I went to high school with Cathy and kept in touch with her after.  While I have no recollection of the first meeting with Harry, it was probably soon after she met him, maybe 1964 or early 1965.  As they say, if you remember the 60s, you weren’t there.

2. A statement about your work (whatever that happens to be) 
> and/or 
> a brief autobiographical statement. 
I have been a law professor for more than 25 years now.  I have to admit it is incredible to be an academic.  They pay you to do pretty much whatever you want to do!  I have written about a number of topics, which I hope incrementally improve the learning of students, the quality of law schools, and the practice of law.  I have taken liberal advantage of the opportunity to visit other law schools, all over the US and increasingly all over the world.