Eileen Singer

Question #1

Harry Roseman is my baby brother. We first met when our mother brought him home from the hospital, he was 3 days old. I remember my mother telling the story of when she took us to the fruit store. Harry was in the carriage and mom was shopping. When all of a sudden she looked into the carriage , and saw him chewing on something, he was 3 months old. She asked me if I gave him anything, and of course, I very politely said no. Mom put her finger in his mouth and took out the pea that I had given him. I got yelled at and from then on I was never left alone with him; but he survived any way/


Question #2  My name is Eileen Singer and I retired from the NYC school system. We moved to Las Vegas and I worked in the schools there for 9 years.  I am not artistic , but I have done some needle points that are on the site


- December 2008