Marta Renzi

1. — I first met Harry in 1978 (1979?) when he and Cathy were living in Lexington, Mass. In fact, the picture Harry took of me at that visit pretending to be a “real dancer” is still framed and in the rotation at my house – and I’m still married to Daniel Wolff, who introduced us! 2. my website is: 3. — A CV (more or less) Marta Renzi has made more than 75 dances for her Project Company, as well as creating work for groups across the U.S. and abroad. In 1992, Marta received a New York Dance & Performance Award (a “Bessie”) for her dance VITAL SIGNS, and in 1995 was the first recipient of a Dancing in the Streets award as “a fearless explorer of all manner of unconventional sites, integrating art into everyday life.” Her site-specific pieces in locations such as train stations and ferry boats led naturally to her poineering work in dances for video and film. In 1981 YOU LITTLE WILD HEART, to music by Bruce Springsteen, was Marta’s first half-hour for television, followed by MOUNTAINVIEW, made in 1989 in collaboration with independent filmmaker John Sayles. Recently, Renzi has created and self-produced several shorts: THE WELCOME TABLE, PORCH STORIES, FLEET WEEK, TENDERNESS and THAW. Marta Renzi Website