Don Porcaro

1. I met Harry some time in the 90’s at a party of Tom and Joyce’s – either upstate or in the city.

2. I was born in Newark and crossed the great divide to get my MFA in sculpture at Columbia and never went back. I bought 16 acres of land in Kerhonkson, NY in 1981, designed and built my own house and most of the furniture in it. The house was passive solar and never went below 50˚ in the dead of winter. I eventually added 3 outbuildings as studios for myself and for my wife, Leslie and in 2004, after 22 years of plowing, mowing, fixing and building, (and a couple of break-ins), we sold the house to free ourselves to travel more and be in our primary studios in the city. I think everyone should build their own house once in their lives, to understand what it means to have shelter. I’ve taught in the Fine Arts Department at Parsons for 31 years and recently became Chair. My work has always been inspired by man’s imprint on nature, where the realm of constructed objects intersects with the order of the natural world. Most recently my investigations have turned to the more whimsical aspects of history and contemporary culture, from the strange worlds of Bosch and Guston to Japanese anime.

I’m represented by Kouros Gallery in NYC: and have my own website: A feature article on my work is due out in the June 2007 issue of Sculpture magazine.