Jacqueline Gourevitch

1. How I first met Harry: As I remember it we first met at Vassar, probably in 1981. I had been invited by Linda Nochlin to talk about my work and after the talk there was a reception, or a dinner. I had seen Catherine’s work around, had looked at it close and hard, and it had come to really matter to me. I still remember the first painting I’d spotted of hers in the late 70′s at a show we were both in at the DeCordova Museum. But, this was the first time I actually met her and Harry.  We immediately engaged in a lively, real conversation, the first of many over the years. Harry always had a camera in a shiny hard leather case, long before things went digital. Usually he waits until close to the end of a visit to ask for the picture, a quick one, a no frills line up, a document. Now I see “the project”. Amazing.


2. Jacqueline Gourevitch began exhibiting in the mid-50’s while studying at the University of Chicago and the School of the Chicago Art Institute. Gourevitch’s on-going series of “Cloud Paintings” started in the mid-60’s. She now lives and works in New York City.