Jimmy Desmond

I met the Roseman & Murphy team through a mutual friend who will be anonymous, but whose name is the same as a New York gallery. No hints. But I guess that was a hint. Harry shot a burst from his Nikon immediately upon opening the door, sometime in the 80s or so. To a room or maybe it was a car door. He or They sent me a fan letter since I had been on one of their favorite TV shows in the ’60s. Lots of tiny stickers all over the envelope.Two unique people who I am always happy to see.


I think my work is about  happening to be lucky enough to be free enough to simply say, Yeah, I can do that, I’m not doing anything:


Candid Camera

Helping Leary get dressed for his wedding

Write 2 books

Followed Dr. King for his last 3 months alive, while he was planning the Poor People’s Campaign. FREE AT LAST won the Venice Film Festival Gold Lion for Best Documentary of 1968

Here’s Stefano Francia di Celle introducing the film in Venice… he is speaking Italian, so click on the little “cc” at the bottom right of the screen to get the subtitles if they aren’t there.

Here’s my site at ArtistSpace


- October 7 2013