Daniel Peck

1. How and when you first met Harry Roseman
– I first knew Harry back in the 1920′s in Paris, right after the war, and regularly saw him at a couple of bars whose names I have forgotten. “Hem,” as he then was known (few know this about Hemingway), was often present, and I remember that he admired Harry’s early installations. This was unusual in those times, because Harry’s work (what we would now call postmodern-as this website well demonstrates) did not accord with the formalist aesthetics of that period. Then, many years later, Harry and I ran into one another at a party at Eric Lindbloom’s and Nancy Willard’s house, in Poughkeepsie, New York, sometime during the mid-1980s. At that point, Harry and I were both newly arrived at Vassar College (he in the Art Department and I in the English Department), and we quickly revived our friendship from those unforgettable years in Paris during the ’20s.

2. A statement about your work and/or a brief autobiographical statement.
– I am a literary scholar-with books on Henry David Thoreau and James Fenimore Cooper, and editions of works by Mark Twain and other American authors. In recent years I have turned my attention to art history. I have recently published articles (which are available to read in the respective journals’ online editions) on the landscape painter Asher B. Durand (*American Literary History*, Winter 2005, Oxford Univ. Press Journals), and on Georgia O’Keeffe (*American Art*, Fall 2007 issue, Smithsonian Museum / Univ. of Chicago Press Journals). I have directed Vassar’s program in American Studies, and I was the founding director of the College’s new environmental studies program.

— January, 2008