Carl Palazzolo

1. —Dear Harry, Memory being, well, memory I wouldn’t absolutely swear to this. I remember meeting both you and Cathy in a room with high ceilings and rather elaborate moldings. Given the possibilities, that would most likely have been at Xavier Fourcade’s gallery on 75th St. Xavier and Bernard were very thoughtful about inviting me to their openings and usually a dinner afterwards. I believe this occasion was not an opening of Cathy’s but of another of the gallery artists. It might have been Joan Mitchell but I’m not positive. I do remember the room we were eating in was hung with 4 or 5 recent deKooning paintings. Very large and beautiful. I do remember liking you immediately. I think the next time we saw each other was at an opening of yours at a gallery on, I believe, Crosby St. It might have been a group show. As I said, this is all at the whim of memory. I’m better at painting memory then conjuring it. xc

— June 2007