Mark Briscoe

A mutual friend and Artist, Joy Taylor, told me there might be Technician Job coming up at the Vassar Art Department.  This was in the fall of 1999 I think.  I talked to Harry on the phone and he told me where to meet him which was upstairs in a building call ACDC on the Vassar campus.  I think he had to tell me where in Poughkeepsie Vassar was as well.  So I enter this large room above a cafeteria and Harry was working on these giant green foam and plaster curtain reliefs for the JFK international terminal.  He told me what the job entailed.  Now, as of fall 2013, I’ve worked with Harry 13 or 14 years.



My Art work is influenced by science, personal ascetics of a formal nature, and process.  Any one of those realms can take over and bend the piece.  I like to think that there is a there,there tagging it in someway that identifies it as mine.

My work at Vassar as the technician also rewarding.  Students can come up with the broadest of ideas and helping them figure out how to make them has been challenging to say the least.  I feel like they as a group have taught me more than I could ever teach anyone of them.

My work for Strong/Cuevas has honed my skills in metal fabrication and allows me to provide a short term jobs to an occasional exceptional Vassar student.


-October 8, 2013