Rene Aranzamendez

1.  How I first met Harry: I first met Harry on the pages of a Vassar course catalog. There was a photo - he was looking up from one of the pages, with a camera slung around his neck. This would have been @ ’87.


2.  Brief autobiographical statement: Born in the Philippines. Mom gave up quite a bit and brought the kids to NY in 1980.  East coast city kid ever since.  Met Harry at Vassar – he graciously tolerated my ‘assistance’ on Subway Wall.  Got an MFA in ’97.  Developed an allergy to the art world.  Married Melissa Potter, whose temper and work offer welcome respite.  Got an MLS in ’05.  Moved to Chicago in July 2008 where my wife teaches at Columbia College’s Book & Paper grad program.

3.  For current work, I take my recently completed paintings and tear them up, presenting the brushstrokes or passages on riker mounts.  Previous series consisted of recreations of paintings using art magazine reviews as instruction manuals, another were the imagined paintings produced by a Philippine art class taught by the US-trained Filipino ex-pat Victorio Edades.  The work always revolves around notions of cultural production and its uneasy relationship with daily life.