Aaron Fein

No ‘one moment’ stands out in my mind as the “first time I met Harry.”

While it was likely the first day of his Introduction to Sculpture class, my Junior year at Vassar – I’m sure I had already seen him many times as a prospective major.

No. I don’t think I “first met Harry,” as much as I recall first stepping into his stream – and like a stream he has continued to make the most sense to me over time. Harry is both entirely frenetic yet totally grounded within the physical world. He is a whirlwind of ideas and observations that are repeated and refined again and again.

His affability is almost as overwhelming as his directness. He will never let his true feelings go unspoken, but his true feelings are always expressed with the love and edification of a true teacher.

I feel lucky to have known and worked with him to the extent that I have. As an artist, he’s helped me shape my own self-critical yet caring voice.

- December 1st 2014