Catherine Murphy

1. I first saw Harry Roseman in 1968 reclining on the lawn in front of Pratt Institutes main building – very much like the bearded man in Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe. I wrote home to my sister Betty that night that I had seen the most “beautiful boy today”. Needless to say I met him soon after that. Forever after I never fail to see that boy, reclining or otherwise.

2. The life I constructed started that day. As for the beginning: I was born in 1946 in Cambridge, Mass. and brought up in Lexington, Mass., by my loving and crazy mother and father and with my older sister Betty (Elizabeth), we were Betty and Cathy. I was the precocious fat kid, my sister was pretty and smart. It was a cross between Long Days Journey into Night and the Honeymooners, because it was full of laughs and tears. I went to school (Pratt Institute) and then I painted pictures , one after another after another, and I loved Harry. The rest is on my resume.

—- February, 2007