Jeanne Meyer

1. — How and when you first met Harry Roseman: I met Harry through Shawn Pratt and Peter Charlap at a picnic at their home on Hunns Lake, and later, crashed Harry’s birthday party at a Jamaican joint in Poughkeepsie.

2. –A statement about your work and/or a brief autobiographical statement. Artists are my heros because they have the courage and conviction to create. I wish I did, so instead, I do the next best thing: I support artists as a profession (musicians and songwriters) and appreciate what they create on a personal level. 1. — or 2. – (direct links to these sites below). I am an active board member and supporter of, a non-profit that gives underserved schools and kids access to technology education and experience. 3. — (direct link to this site below)

—-October 25, 2008