Gail Mazur

1. – In the spring of 1978, Harry and Cathy were living in Lexington, where Cathy grew up, a few miles from Boston. Mike and I didn’t know them but we had seen and loved their work, so we invited them to our first and last garden party. I still see them walking into our backyard–we were true friends from the minute we met, Harry (and Cathy) were and are irresistible! We saw each other a lot in the years they lived in Lexington, at Cathy’s parents’ house, in Chinese restaurants, at poetry readings.

2. – I prefer the brief autobiographical statement to the CV, here goes: I was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and grew up in the Boston area. I met Mike when I was a junior in college and got married a few months later and had 2 children 20 months apart by the time I was 23. We lived in New Haven, and then Providence, I was trying to write “fiction” but I seemed to be happiest writing the opening paragraph of the story: I never finished a one. When we moved to Cambridge in 1964, I began to write poetry, something I’d never expected to do. Moving to Cambridge when I did, with its teeming mass of poets and the Grolier Book Store (exclusively poetry), changed my life. I began a weekly reading series at the Blacksmith House in Cambridge in 1973, and although I stepped down 4 years ago, it’s still going strong, and I guest “host” a couple of readings a year. I published my first book of poems, Nightfire, in 1978 the week I met Harry and have since published 4 more, including Zeppo’s First Wife: New & Selected Poems in 2005. I work very slowly, I LIVE in revisions. I feel lucky that I found what I was meant to do; sometimes my life feels like a narrow escape. Mike and I are still in Cambridge and spend part of the year in Provincetown, where we’ve been involved in various ways with the Fine Arts Work Center. We’ve spent a lot of time in Southern California. I teach in the graduate writing program at Emerson and in the summer program in Provincetown. Our daughter, Kathe. who is an actor, lives with her husband, Jeffrey Sugarman, also an actor, and their son (born March 9, 2007) in Los Angeles; our son Dan, a cartoonist and screenwriter, has recently moved to Cambridge with his wife, Susan Chasen, an editor, and their daughter Rebecca.

—- March, 2007


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