Suzanne Mantell

1. — Harry and I met at Pratt Institute. He was a freshman and I was a transfer student from the University of Chicago. We were in the same foundation art classes. I don’t remember which class it was we first met in-3D, color, sculpture, or art history.

2. A statement about your work and/or a brief autobiographical statement. A career counseler at Pratt determined much of my career when she sent me to Harper’s Magazine on a job interview. Because of my visual training I was hired to work in the production department at Harper’s but I was promoted through the editorial ranks and ended up as a top editor. I have continued to be an editor but, as an inevitable extension, I also write, now, in recent years, I have started a business selling out of print and hard to find books. It is quite a wonderful way to make a living.

— June 2007

Narrative Biography