Robert Mangold

1. — I believe I first met Harry Roseman at an opening of a Whitney Biennial in 1972.

2 — I was born on October 12. 1937 in North Tonawanda, New York a town situated midway between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. When I was old enough to realize that I was not going to be a professional baseball player, I settled in to the idea of being some kind of artist. Cartoonist was my first teenage choice, this later expanded to magazine illustrator, Norman Rockwell my favorite, and finally the choice was to be a painter / teacher, as I was exposed to examples of this species in art school. This is what I have remained since the early 60’s although I dropped teaching sometime in the 1980’s. I married Sylvia Plimack, a fellow student at Yale in 1961, we have two children, James and Andrew and we have lived in New York City initially and then moved to the country, first in Sullivan County, N.Y. and in 1975 to where we now live in Orange County, N.Y.

— April 2007