Judy Linn

In the summer of 1968, I was looking for an apt, Hearing about one soon to be vacated on Myrtle Ave, I went to check it out. A large tenement railroad flat, expensive at $80.00 a month, but I was tired of looking, so I took it. The Myrtle Ave El ran right by the window. When the train went by the sound was like living in a bowling alley. At night the unobstructed view into my window made me the well lit actress in a 2 second play. The previous tenants left some weird stuff. A broken TV, a kiddy wadding pool, 8 or 9 pink rayon throw pillows, scissors, a Persian rug, a small crystal chandelier, and a frozen mouse in the freezer. The living room was painted corn yellow with glossy black trim. Also a small parade of silver cows cut from condensed milk cans labels was glued to the kitchen wall, A quote from Alice in Wonderland was scrawled on the studio wall, something about doing impossible deeds before noon. I met the previous tenants, Harry and Cathy, 20 or25 years later. It was when my father was dieing and I found I could talk to Harry about all the horrible things that were happening and he would listen. He would kindly listen and I would feel better.

— April 2007