Sasha Litwin

1. — How and when you first met Harry Roseman — I first met in Harry in his office at Vassar College, May 2004. I begged him to let me into his Sculpture 1 class and he finally agreed, even though I was a neuroscience major. For the next two years, Harry used the “neuroscience major walking down the street” as an example of a person who doesn’t understand art.

2. —A statement about your work and/or a brief autobiographical statement. As a stand up comedian, I conceive my sculpture projects with a sense of humor. As a scientist, I approach them as experiments. The result often includes danger (ricocheting rubber bands, my rabbi) or elements of nature (mud). Most recently, I launched a life-size origami boat in Sunset Lake and enjoyed its ten seconds of buoyant glory by sipping champagne from a paper cup.

— June 2007