Helen Lang

1. – I first meet Harry at dinner (where else?) Carole Maso (my spouse) and I were visiting Barbara Page and Dixie Sheridan and we meet Harry and Cathy at a restaurant. The only specifics I remember are that I had a pasta dish (bowties or small shells I think) with sausages and spicy sauce. It was good. I also remember the restaurant having a large picture window. It was north of Poughkeepsie.

2) Helen Elizabeth Lang Born: Coco Solo, Canal Zone in Panama on November 29, 1955 Current Residence: New York City and Hudson Valley e mail: helang@earthlink.net or helen@astraea.org Profession(s): For money, finance and admininstration primarily in the non-profit sector (since 1985) For pleasure, cooking By training and temperament, writing and film

Statement: I love Harry and have the greatest respect for his work. I am very fortunate to count myself among his many friends and to be included on this site. Examples of Work: to follow

Partner: Carole Maso Children: 1 Daughter, Rose Chloe Ana Clare Helen Lang Maso

– 2002