Benjamin Keddy

1. — How and when you first met Harry Roseman — Despite how memorable Harry is in person, my first encounter with him is extremely vague at best. Considering my inability to formulate much beyond basic thought at the time, it’s likely that our exchange was both pleasant and confusing to me. What I have heard leads me to believe that we first met during Christmas holiday 1969 when I was 6 months old. My early and gradually evolving memories of Harry exist as an incongruent string of mental “clips” and images that feature such things as car rides to toy stores, model rocket launchings, paper maché prehistoric environments, Blondie records, sculptural city-scapes, and many large blocks of clay.

2. A statement about your work and/or a brief autobiographical statement– My creative endeavors over the past 15 to 20 years have involved work in both audio and visual art. As I consider and reassess the interrelationship of aural and visual mediums, I look to bring new direction and meaning to my productions. I produce music more as an artist than a musician. My relationship to sound is more visceral than formal. As sound and music have synesthetic counterparts in the visual world, I nurture the coexistence of these elements in my work. In exploring various concepts I have written and performed music in rock bands, composed musical film score, and created sound-space and sculptural artwork. Likewise, my current work is primarily in music composition and “sound-sculpture” installation.

– May 2008