Sacha Ingber

1. I met Harry Roseman on my first day of sculpture class in the fall of 2006 at Vassar College. He was my professor for 3 years there, as well as my advisor and mentor. I also worked for him as the Studio Art Department’s Academic Intern in 2007 through 2009 and was his assistant during the installation of his wall drawing “Hole in the Wall” in 2009/2010.

2. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and grew up in Washington DC. I attended Vassar College, graduating in 2009 with majors in Studio Art and Psychology. I now live and work in Washington DC and plan on completing an MFA in Sculpture. My work hovers in a space between object, still life, architecture, and model. Familiar as well as indiscernible materials blend, push through one another and coexist. They create expanses and clusters describing fundamentally formal and spacial relationships. The sculptures and installations want to be a part of their surroundings but are suspended in a state of vibrant transience, appearing to proliferate and disintegrate simultaneously.

—- October 11, 2010