Rosemary Hamilton

1. I may have met Harry during my first two years at Pratt, but I definitely knew him by my third, the 1965-66 school year Elena Lehman and I shared an apartment in the same building with Catherine Murphy, who shared an apartment with Pat Laltrella. Harry was always visiting them and somehow convinced Elena and me to give up our walk in closet so that he could set up a darkroom. We got to use it too, of course. That summer, I met his parents and brother Neil at their home in Brooklyn. During the next few years, I visited Catherine and Harry in many places including Mrytle Ave., Queens and Jersey City, memorable occasions marked by outstanding food and visits to their studios. The fact that I have any work of my own at all is due to some degree to Harry and Catherine’s influence. Although they set the highest standards for their work and kept to strict work schedules, they still managed to make it look like fun.

2. My first solo exhibition was at the Prince Street Gallery in May, 1975. I recently rejoined the gallery and showed there in March, 2007. My paintings for the most part, focus on perspective, color and landscape situations that appear in my immediate environment.

—- January, 2008