Seiji Hayashi

1. How and when you first met Harry Roseman: — I don’t remember the exact setting, but it must have been 1987 when I was a Vassar freshman… before I became a studio art major. I have snapshot images in my mind of Harry at the Greenhouse (welding), in the woodshop next to the creek, in the 2nd floor drawing and painting studio, and in his white dodge… (I wonder if any of these still exist.) He was always looking at something… He was also always surrounded by people who admired him like Saul Melman (now a doctor and sculptor in New York) and Ben Busch (ret. Marine Colonel, film maker, actor, father).

2. — A statement about your work and/or a brief autobiographical statement: — I went to medical school instead of art school after a short talk with Harry just before graduating from Vassar. Harry told me how talented I was as an artist and told me that I would probably be successful as an artist… then he told me that if I could be happy doing anything other than art, I should go do that something else. (Go figure that one out!) I knew I could be happy do many different things… To figure out what I wanted to do, I went to NYC to fence competitively and explore my interests in art. After a few months I realized that my passion for art was being replaced by my passion for fencing and other things. I didn’t fare too well on the national fencing scene and I decided to go to medical school. I now teach and conduct health policy research at George Washington University and practice family medicine one day a week at a community health center in Washington, DC. I’m married to Joan E. Myles who is also a family physician (and a recovering lawyer), and we have two daughters, Ivy Tomomi (5) and Hazel Asami (2).— November 2008

Biography – Professional Narrative