Deborah Freedman

I met Harry in the parking lot of the Dorsky Museum after attending an opening there with Audrey Hemenway-We talked about fabric for some reason right away. Later that year Tom Nozkowski and Joyce Robins suggested I talk with him about one if the student assistants, Allison (Paisley-my addition), who was helping him with his big JFK project. She worked with me for a couple of years as well on the big paintings I do for fashion and editorial photography. So during that period even though I didn’t see him I heard about those sculptures at the same time Allison was helping me in my studio.

My personal work involves the landscape of the Catskill mountains. Paintings and prints informed by Waterfalls, the Ashokan Reservoir and this year a series entitled Trees. The work is either strongly vertical or horizontal and lately the color is more lively and not referential-both a response to the unstable environment and an emotional reaction to changes in seasons and light.

—–November 21, 2008