Wendy Feuer

I met Harry through Sally – no actually it was Nancy. Nancy Kaufman. Nancy was a consultant who was working on a project with me when I was at the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority, NYC, my addition). Now I really forget if Nancy was working for JP Morgan (the former powerful financial company no longer around) or for me at the MTA (around but not doing well, but since it’s a government agency – maybe quasi government – it won’t go down or be taken over, maybe). Whatever, Nancy identified artists to show for the commission at 60 Wall Street. Harry was included in the first list, got shortlisted, developed a proposal, Harry got the commission!—-For purposes of this site, my life started at the MTA when I was director of the Arts for Transit Program. I have had the pleasure of working with many artists on public art projects around the city, Westchester, Long Island, southern New Jersey, Philadelphia and at Raleigh Durham Airport. I would be happy to upload some of these projects, but I’ll need assistance.

—- November 22, 2008