Liza Donnelly

1. I met Harry at Vassar in the fall of 2006. I had just begun teaching there, and Judy Nichols (with whom I was co-teaching) helped me organize a panel discussion that I moderated, “Is Cartooning Art?”, with other New Yorker cartoonists. Harry was in the audience, and asked a wonderful question during the q and a. He came up to the table afterwards, and we were introduced. He also came to a dinner for Jules Feiffer I hosted with Peter Antelyes. Harry and I have been trying to have lunch for two years.

2. I am a cartoonist, a writer and a painter. My cartoons are simple pen and ink with wash; my humor is often oblique, often political. They are published regularly in The New Yorker. I wrote a social history of the women cartoonists of The New Yorker in 2005–I love the cultural side of cartoons. Lately, cartoon imagery is merging into my paintings–up until now, the two have been visually separate. They seem to ocupy different parts of my brain–or perhaps they don’t– so it is interesting. Born in Washington DC, I have been a New Yorker (in the city and now Milan) since the late 1970′s. I am married to another cartoonist, Michael Maslin, and we have two daughters.

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