Donna Dennis

I met Harry Roseman (and Cathy [ Catherine Murphy]) in Minneapolis in the fall of 1977. Harry and I both had work in a show called “Scale and Environment” at the Walker Art Center. It was curated by Lisa Lyons and there were 8 other sculptors besides Harry and me, among them Joel Shapiro, Siah Armajani, Robert Stackhouse, George Trakas and Charles Simonds. It was my first museum show and quite exciting. I think it was one of the earliest shows to pull together a group of sculptors whose common theme was architecture. There was also a micro-macro aspect to it. As I remember all of the artists were present for the opening – Charles Simonds even flew in from Germany for it. There was a dinner and then the opening and it was all quite jolly. Cathy and Harry were so friendly (and hilarious) and I enjoyed getting to know them immensely and felt a kinship with Harry’s work which I was seeing for the first time. I think they were living in Hoboken then and at least one of Harry’s works involved a miniaturized view of Lower Manhattan, twin towers and all – my neighborhood.

— August 2007