Marsha Berger

1. How and when you first met Harry Roseman
– Somethings are in the stars. While visiting a local art gallery opening, I was talking to my husband about a glass art work and which to choose, and Harry , who was sitting near me, ventured his opinion. We started to talk, and we found out about his commission for Terminal IV at JFK and that he was in Pittsburgh to oversee the casting of the massive pieces. Never ones to have an artist alone in a strange city, we had him come out to dinner at our house. There were so many connections between the art that we had and friends of his, plus the fact that my daughter graduated from Vassar just before Harry started there, that it seemed that we had known one another for a coon’s age. Subsequently, we visited the studio where the work was cast, and then the opening at JFK. Loving his work as we do, there is now one proudly hanging in our house, purchased from Gallery Joe in Philadelphia.

2. A statement about your work and/or a brief autobiographical statement.
–Although I started my professional life as a mathematician, to be an architect was always my dream, which I have happily fulfilled. The practice is limited to modern single family houses, but of all sizes, budgets and scopes of work. There is always a great deal of involvement from the clients and as a result, they become my friends, too. As chair of the design selection committee of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I added to the integrity of the selection process by keeping it free of political favors. In the last 12 years of active practice, I had the good fortune to lead an architecture design studio at the local university. To me, these two assignments, were the most important contributions that I have made to the profession.

— February 2008


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