Kathryn Parker Almanas

1. — I first met Harry on 22 October 2008, after hearing Catherine (Murphy) give an incredible Visiting Artist lecture at Hamilton College. We Hamilton Art Department faculty took Catherine and Harry to a restaurant called Grimaldi’s in Utica, NY. Katharine (Kuharic) pointed out the Utica specialty, “Greens Grimaldi”, on the menu. So, perhaps out of curiosity, Catherine and Harry ordered two orders of “Greens” to share with the table. This too was my first observation of the Utica specialty: “Greens”…. Harry had us all huddle together around the dinner table for a group picture, making the occasion feel like a family event.

2. — Kathryn Parker Almanas earned a BFA from MassArt in 2003 and a MFA from Yale University in 2007. Upon receiving her MFA, she was awarded the Alice Kimball English Traveling Fellowship to conduct research in Italy. Her work has been published in The Waterstone Review, American Photo Magazine, Metropolis Magazine, 25 Under 25 Up-and-Coming American Photographers, The Photo Review, Graduate Photography at Yale 2007, and (photographs) magazine. Almanas’ work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami and Philadelphia. —- October, 2008

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