Nicholas Adams

1. How and when you first met Harry Roseman—– I cannot remember when we first met. Almost certainly it would have been in the spring of 1989 when I was interviewed by Vassar but there was so much happening then that I recall very little specific detail. If you were not among the interviewing “team” then I would have met you in the fall of 1989 when I started work at Vassar.

2. A statement about your work and/or a brief autobiographical statement. I teach architectural history at Vassar––and have done since 1989. It is hard to characterize what I do. Some people know me as a historian of Renaissance architecture but in the last fifteen years I have worked mostly on modern and contemporary architecture and have developed a specialization in Sweden.

3. Examples of or a reflection of your work, whatever is applicable. —- Have I missed my calling? Was I supposed to be a journalist? A historian historian (rather than a historian of architecture)? In any case, I remain focused on the social and cultural context for architecture. I enjoy writing for the public (rather than an academic) audience and have always gained energy from the dissemination to others of my enthusiasm for architecture.—-November 2008