Joy Santlofer

1. — In the summer of 1967 my boyfriend, Jonathan Santlofer, who was spending the summer at Showhegan in Maine, was coming to visit me in Boston for, I thought, a romantic weekend. He showed up with about 6 friends including Harry. I was not pleased to see any of them. Although I liked both Harry and Cathy (who Harry had come to meet in Boston)during this first weekend meeting, I wanted them all to just go away.

2. — After spending twenty years consulting on the foodservice industry for an information company, I returned to school to get my Masters in Food Studies at New York University. Currently, I teach a variety of courses in the graduate program, including Research Methods and Food and Fine Arts. I am also working on a proposal for a book that chronicles the history of eating trends and food manufacturing in New York. (When my first article comes out his summer I will send you linking info.)

— April 2007

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