Visitors Statement

I started Visitors on February 7, 1971 with a photograph of Jonathan Santlofer, taken at 35 Poplar Street in Jersey City, New Jersey. Visitors is a journal project. I photograph everyone who comes to where I live and make a journal entry. The rules are thus: one photograph and one entry per 24 hour period. If someone comes over, leaves and comes back within 24 hours there is still only one photograph and one entry. If someone comes over seven times, once each day for seven day there are seven photographs and seven entries. Overnight guests get one entry with the inclusive dates written in. Everyone is included in the journal, friends, relatives, professional colleagues, tradesmen and woman, delivery persons, Jehovah witnesses, etc. I am also including satellite and what I consider temporary “homes” in visitors.  This would include a few years when I had an auxiliary studio at Vassar College, as well as a stay in the hospital..  I will point these out in the entries. This project started as a physical journal.  There was a difficult decision to be made as far as the dispersion of photographs between Visitors and Groups.  Since there are group photographs of people visiting.  I have decided to somewhat privilege Groups in the dispersion. I will be labeling the Groups photographs with (Visitors) in the captions to indicate which photographs could have been included in Visitors. Harry Roseman 2006 – modified 2007