Abby Goldstein

I. — I first met Harry Roseman, not this last time in Chelsea in front of the Robert Miller Gallery with Fred Krughoff and Wendy Feuer ( see Groups April 28, 2007), but last July, when I was staying with Christy Rupp and we went to the Peter Schjeldahl extravaganza 4th of July party. I remember having a very delightful conversation.

2. — A statement about your work and/or a brief autobiographical statement. —Tightly woven, transparent, structures that push against and break their tenuously held together boundaries occupy the imagery in my recent work. The organic sack-like forms that verge on unraveling refer to the fragility that lies beneath the surface of our need to contain and control what is around us. There is no distinction in my practice between painting and drawing, written text, letterforms, and marks, both drawn and inscribed, combine to suggest the complexity of details and myriad stories that make up each of our lives. These wrapped bundles create a sense of outer and inner worlds that map out the evolution of my art making process.

— May 2007