Alexis Kuhr

1. How and when you met Harry Roseman: — When a pattern begins it is impossible to know its path, its length and breadth altering over time–later its significance is announced in private ways, small and large. I first met Harry Roseman in 1989 at Vassar College where I was interviewing for my first teaching job. Like many job interviews since I remember little of that first campus tour, or of the interview itself, but unlike other interviews, I retain one clear picture-like memory of time spent with Harry. The image is shot from the rear and slightly above, a voyeur’s angle, and I see the two of us heads bent, leaning in, talking, eating…the weave begun.

2. Brief autobiographical statement: — I am a painter and teacher. After making art and teaching on both coasts, I now divide my time between Minneapolis where I keep my studio and am the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota and Queens, New York where I live with Shirley (Idelson).

— September 2007