Anna Betbeze

1.— I met Harry Roseman in the summer of 2001 at Yale’s summer program in Norfolk, Connecticut. I was there as a student and Harry was there with Catherine (Murphy), who was there as a Visiting artist. I was so taken by Catherine’s lecture that afterwards Sam Messer, the director of the program, said to me as we were filing through the camp-style cafeteria line, “you should go sit with them.” Harry probably does not remember, because we have met many times since, but I ate with them in the Norfolk cafeteria. That’s how I first met Harry and Catherine.

2. — I am an artist. That has been the case since the beginning. There are few things I value more than art. I make things to attain sobriety of thought, a lucidity in which visceral experiences are heightened, distilled, and suspended. When my work is best, its a perpetual experiment. Angled, organic, oblique, baroque, beidemeier, a mirage really.

— April 2007