Tamar Zinn

1. How and when you first met Harry Roseman.—

1. — I first met Harry in New Paltz during the summer of 2007. My husband, Harry Wilks, had photographs on exhibit at the Dorsky Museum. After the opening we were having dinner, no, we were waiting for dinner, at a New Paltz restaurant. At the next table were two couples also impatiently waiting for dinner (the service was rather slow…….) and from what we could overhear of their conversation, they were artists as well–Harry, Catherine Murphy, Joyce Robbins, and Tom Nozkowski. Since then we have run into Harry several times (at galleries of course). 2. Please add a brief autobiographical statement.

2.— Talking about my work is decidedly not fun. I’d much prefer to be painting. But here goes. My current work would likely be described as geometric abstraction. My imagery is influenced by music, particularly jazz, and modern dance choreography and mirrors the way I experience much of the world–a mix of activity and syncopation set against extended, slower moving forms. Painting is a very organic process for me in that I don’t begin with a clear sense of where I am heading. Although I tend to work in series, the individual paintings evolve slowly, each painting a response to other images in the studio.

— September 2008


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