Nancy Willard

1. – When and how did I meet Harry? –We met at a dinner in Beth Darlington’s house. Sitting around the table: Harry and Cathy (Catherine Murphy), Marianne Burke and Jerry Badanes, Eric (Lindbloom) and me. Harry was wearing a huge raincoat which he said had been given to him by an uncle. Oddly enough, I cannot remember what we ate or what we said to each other. But I have not forgotten the image of Harry, sitting across the table in that vast coat.

2. About my work. Somebody once asked me, why do your books have so much water in them? SISTER WATER, HOUSEHOLD TALES OF MOON AND WATER, IN THE SALT MARSH, WATER WALKER.

4.- About me. I was born on the thumb of a left-handed mitten stretched out over the Great Lakes. How could I not care about water?

— July 2007