Leslie Wayne

1. — I don’t remember where exactly I first met Harry, but it was through Tom Nozkowski and Joyce Robins – either at their house upstate or at one of their openings in the city, some time in the 90’s. Don and I had a weekend home upstate and had a picnic every summer for many years. Harry and Cathy came to some of those picnics as we got to know them better and Harry invariably took a group photo, which one year consisted of close to 60 people. I remember wishing we had known them earlier so he could have documented more picnics, although I do have stacks of photo albums myself from those times, which are sometimes spooky to look at now as we’ve all grown older.

2. — I was born to American parents in Germany and returned to LA, California at age 4 where I grew up until we moved to Newport Beach when I was in high school. I studied at the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara for two years, took my third year off to live in Paris, moved from there to Israel from 1975-80 and finally came to New York in 1982 to finish my BFA at Parsons. I met Don on the first day of school at 9:00 a.m. and the rest is history. For awhile right after graduating I worked at Torch Art Supplies (anyone remember that store?) and then opened a commercial gallery called 50 West for a couple of years in the mid 80’s, then closed it to focus on my own work. I’ve been represented by Jack Shainman Gallery since 1993: www.jcakshainman.com and also show regularly with Solomon Projects in Atlanta: www.solomonprojects.com.

— April 2007


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