Susan Trumbetta

1. How and when you first met Harry Roseman.
—— After George Trakas gave a wonderful talk at Vassar College on April 18, 2007 about his Hudson River environmental art project at the Beacon waterfront, several faculty, including some from the Creativity and Contemplation Seminar, gathered for dinner with the artist. The evening’s delightful conversation was even more enriched by Harry’s and Cathy’s (Catherine Murphy) insights and humor. Soon after this first introduction, I had the pleasure of chatting with Harry again over dinner at one of Vassar’s Intellectual Buffets. Since then, I’ve discovered that my husband Dave and I share some favorite spots in the Hudson Valley with Harry and Cathy, as we all seem to frequent Upstate Films, the Apple Pie Bakery Cafe, and Oblong Books.

2. A statement about your work and/or a brief autobiographical statement.
– I’m clinical psychologist by training who teaches courses at all levels of the Vassar curriculum, with a focus on psychopathology, individual differences, behavior genetics, and statistics and research methods. My scholarship spans these areas. Some current projects focus on the degree to which individual differences adolescent personality may predict diverse outcomes across the lifespan.

– April, 2009

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