Erik Schoonebeek

1. – I first met Harry (and Cathy) in spring of 2007. I had been working for Tom Nozkowski and Joyce Robins as an assistant of sorts and they recommended I get in touch with Harry and Cathy as they needed some gardening and house work. I believe my first task was to rake the gravel from the lawn back into the driveway from that winter’s snow plowing. The rake’s teeth were further apart than the gravel was wide. Harry soon pulled in the driveway and not long thereafter took my picture.

2. – Up until most recently my work has been comprised of small gouache paintings, either on found book covers or on paper. On these surfaces I’ve chosen to paint the forms of structures, both imagined and inspired by architectural structures from past civilizations. Often centrally located within a rectangle the images I paint hold the confrontational quality of monuments, signs, masks, icons and other ideograms. I aim for my work to stare back at the viewer with a power that is sublime, yet humble, undeniable, but ultimately intangible.

— February 2008