Peter Saul

1. — I first met Harry in the late nineties when he invited me to do a slide show at Vassar, most likely because my daughter, Gwendolyn, was a student there at the time. We had a great time, went to the Beech Tree restaurant, and then a few years later we found ourselves living a half hour drive away.

2. — I was born in San Francisco in 1934, and went to art school in St. Louis, Mo. where I graduated in 1956 and went straight to Europe convinced my future would be there because of my leftism and my scorn for the U.S. culture of the time. Little did I realize that eight years later I’d be back in the States, and by now I’m completely used to living here, at this time in the damp woods of N.Y. State. For art, I’ve always liked crazy stuff starting with Paul Cadmus’ “Coney Island” and proceeding to Otto Dix a few months ago at the Metropolitan. I showed at the Allan Frumkin Gallery from 1962 onwards and at the David Nolan Gallery since about 2000. For a resume, see

— April 2007