Sid Sachs

Egad. I don’t remember. Some time around 1984 I put one of Harry’s sculptures in an exhibition. It was a small bronze landscape and I kept looking at it in the gallery because it made the illusion of perspective phenomenologically real and false at the same time. That probably doesn’t make any sense at all. I don’t care; it was a very beautiful and compelling sculpture. I borrowed the bronze from a New York dealer but hadn’t met Harry at that point. The show was pretty eclectic, it had a Sol LeWitt, Ruth Vollmer, Abraham David Christian, Joel Fisher – I’d have to find the checklist. I probably met Harry at one of Tom Nozkowski’s openings but I don’t have a specific date. Circa 1985-6 probably. More contacts through Gallery Joe in Philadelphia. Conversations ranged from his and Catherine’s work to Joseph Cornell.

2. Please add a brief autobiographical statement I am a lapsed artist, a curator manque. Sometimes I hit it on the mark. Some say I have a good memory but they don’t live in this head. I started working in galleries in January 1972. Worked for 4 commercial galleries in New York and Philadelphia. Since 1999, I have been teaching and the Director of Exhibitions at The University of the Arts. I gave Tom Nozkowski his first show outside of New York, produced the first Yvonne Rainer retrospective, a major Pop Art exhibition in 1999 at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Written a little for Art in America, The New Art Examiner, American Ceramics, Metalsmith etc and a lot of catalogs. I am currently trying to reconstruct Pop Art from the point of the women who were working during 1958 – 1968 for a traveling exhibition in 2010. I am behind the times but intuitively ahead of the curve. Maybe. More to follow…

—- January 2008